Complete R.O.I. in One Year!

Watch this short video and you will agree there is no product in the road maintenance industry as useful as the patented Quick-N-Easy Shoulder unit! Inventor Mike Schmidt has over 25 years of experience in road and equipment maintenance, and always envisioned a better way to do road shoulder work. With one person operation, no waste of material and utilizing your existing equipment - there is no telling how much money the patented Quick -N-Easy Shoulder repair unit will save you!

Take a closer look and see the ingenuity...

The old adage "necessity is the mother of all inventions" rings true here. You see, when a municipal maintenance professional logs over 25 years of shoulder repair, he envisions a simpler and more efficient means of doing things. Take a closer look at the pictures of the patented Quick-N-Easy Shoulder unit and you will see the thoughtful use of existing truck equipment and hydraulics, the simplicity of the design and the effeciency of single person operation. In short, you may wonder why the patented Quick-N-Easy Shoulder unit hasn't been invented before now! See more pics!

Quick-N-Easy Vs. Competition

The patented Quick-N-Easy Shoulder unit is a model of effeciency. If you are currently employing a sub-contractor to do your shoulder work, the Quick-N-Easy Shoulder repair unit can pay for itself in just a few linear miles of shoulder repair work! Our number crunching has showed that your Return Of Investment (ROI) will happen faster than most equipment purchases. When compared to other means of fixing shoulders like using County Highway Departments, the patented Quick-N-Easy Shoulder repair unit will save you money in the long run. Furthermore, even if you do the work internally out of your own garage, the patented Quick-N-Easy Shoulder unit eliminates the need for extra equipment such as a snow plow, grader, roller, broom and extra personnel, again saving you money. To see some of our cost comparison numbers request more information!